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Cabinet Locking System - LS
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SAFE-O-TRONIC® access combines PIN code and RFID technology in a unique way setting new global standards in safeguarding and organizing cabinets, safe-deposit boxes, lockers and furniture.  Door solutions can also be integrated. Thanks to the inclusion of emerging NFC technology, managing access is even possible using mobile phones.

Reader for RFID-technology


Simply hold the RFID card in front of the reader.

Simple Installation

Easy to fit on new doors or retrofit conventional camlocks.

Mounting Options

Can be mounted in any orientation to fit requirements.

Keyless Identification

PIN Code, RFID or Mobile Phone (NFC enabled).

Product Line

The LS Series.


LS100 - PIN User Code with PIN Master Code


LS200 - PIN User Code with RFID Master Code.  Auto-unlock, ?????RFID Programming with Software


LS300 - RFID Operation, Access Levels, Time Zone, Software Programmable  


LS400 - Combined RFID/NFC and Pin Code cabinet locking device

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