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DS 400
Fully Customisable
DS Product Line

Door Locking System - DS

The SAFE-O-TRONIC range of door locks sets new standards for the protection and administration of door access control systems globally. PIN code, RFID and NFC technology combined with software provide flexible features that meet current and future "smart" applications.


The Temporary Guest Code "TGC" feature allows remote configuration and administration of the system. Guest can be issued a PIN code by SMS or email to gain access at a door or a locker. The TGC PIN code an be time and date limited to provide temporary access.  This feature is ideal for unmanned facilities and web based room or locker rental bookings.  The booking software can be integrated via a special SDK so that the allocation period entered by the client and accepoted by the booking system automatically generates the PIN code for a specific or group of doors and furniture.


Fully Customisable

Whether it’s the shape, colour, material, application of logo or lettering, SAFE-O-TRONIC® access is open for your individual design wishes.


You can make up the door fitting sets to suit your style according to your specific needs. Thus your door locking system blends in ideally with your architectural and design concept.

Flexible Use

Fast and simple opening and locking by means of a door handle is the ideal solution wherever the focus is on locking security and easy operation at the same time. This applies, for instance, to doors on guest rooms in hotels, residences, residential homes


Door locking systems with additional dead bolt security are available for the protection of offices, warehouses and other function rooms. The dead bolt is operated by means of a rotary knob.

Keyless Identification

Keyless via Pin code, RFID card or even NFC with a users mobile phone


This saves issuing and managing data carriers and opens up almost endless opportunities for you.



Product Line

The DS series.


DS200 - Pin Code door locking device


DS300 - RFID/NFC door locking device 


DS400 - Combined RFID/NFC and Pin Code door locking device

Product Video

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